Custom Nunchaku in Wenge

Custom nunchaku, octagonal and tapered along the length. Made extra long at 16″ and triple strung with black para-cord.

IMG_2390 edit
Custom nunchaku in wenge, octagonal and tapered

Wenge (pronounced “wen-gey”) is a notoriously difficult wood to work, easily splintering and cracking, however if worked carefully it reveals a beautiful grain pattern with alternating bands of light and dark wood.

IMG_2366 edit
Wenge’s grain pattern

These nunchaku were cut with an octagonal profile, then hand planed to the finish taper before sanding down to a fine finish.

IMG_2381 edit
Octagonal profile of nunchaku

The wood is very dense and resinous so an oil finish will not work.  These nunchaku were finished with a single coat of wax which supplements the natural oils present in the wood.

IMG_2386 edit
Full length wenge nunchaku – 16 inches
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