About Seaholme

I began training in Kobudo around 2012, and with my instructor’s guidance, built my own tonfa.  These turned out to be far more robust than what was available online, and so my training-mates began asking after for their own sets…
Over time I added to my range of equipment and eventually opened a small online store.  I enjoy experimenting with the design and construction, combining the best of traditional construction with modern manufacturing to make equipment that should last a lifetime.

Environmental View

I am a committed environmentalist, I cycle, recycle and turn off the lights when I leave the room.  I also avoid the use of plastic in packaging (hello paper tape), and pretty much nothing goes to landfill.
My materials come from local suppliers with strong environmental credentials and all wood is FSC certified.
All the products are hand made in Leeds, UK.

Ordering: Status & Wait Time

“In Stock” 
if something is listed as “In Stock”, then I have it to hand, and it should be dispatched within a few days.
“Back Order”
If it is listed as “Back Order” then I don’t have any available so I will add this to my production queue, which usually takes a few months.  If you are happy to wait for an item then please go ahead and order.  Custom items like Eku will never be “In Stock” as I always make these to measure.
“Out of Stock”
I have removed a few items from availability as I don’t currently have the capacity to make them (for example Tekko) and so I will not be taking orders for them.