Category: Kobudo

Custom Nunchaku in Wenge

Custom nunchaku, octagonal and tapered along the length. Made extra long at 16″ and triple strung with black para-cord. Wenge (pronounced “wen-gey”) is a notoriously difficult wood to work, easily splintering and cracking, however if worked carefully it reveals a beautiful grain pattern with alternating bands of light and dark wood. These nunchaku were cut with an octagonal […]

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Tonfa Anatomy and Construction

An exploration of the Mortise and Tenon joint used in making Tonfa.  A de-constructed joint is used to reveal its construction, strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to a combination of natural hand position and relative safety compared to other weapons, tonfa are one of the most commonly encountered martial arts weapons. Interestingly, tonfa use possibly the strongest […]

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Custom Kama – Single Bevel Grind

Latest from the workshop – Custom Kama with a single bevel grind steel blade mounted into oak handles.  Hand made in the UK.   [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”4″ gal_title=”Custom Kama – Single Bevel Grind”]

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