Tonfa, hand made made by Seaholme Woodworks

Fully customisable and available in a variety of woods (oak, maple, walnut or ash).  Please see the information on the tonfa measurements page for details on which measurements are needed for tonfa to be ordered.

The ‘standard’ tonfa shape is a straight round body as this shape is the most robust due to not having any corners where impacts will be concentrated, however I am happy to make them into any shape you like (square, rectangular, octagonal, tapered…).  The length of both handle and body will be customised to your measurements. Handles are straight sided, though I could also customise this if you so desire.

Please Note:  By ordering this product you confirm you are at least 18 years old.

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Custom Tonfa, hand made made by Seaholme Woodworks

Available in a variety of wood species, each pair of tonfa are custom made to order and so will be built using your specific measurements.  The body length is  dependent on the length of your forearm, and the handle is made to you palm width.

Amongst all kobudo weapons, custom tonfa are probably the most important to have made specifically for each user as a handle that is too big or small can make it very difficult to control when executing rotations.  Please see the information on the tonfa measurements page for details on which measurements are needed for tonfa to be ordered.


I join the handle to the body using a hidden joint – the ‘Foxtail Mortice & Tenon’, which may differ to other tonfa you have used in the past, however this is my preferred method of construction.  This allows a greater flexibilty in shapes of the tonfa body, however I recommend only having round tonfa as this is the most efficient and robust profile for contact kume training.


Additional information


Ash, Maple, Oak, Black Walnut (+£15)


12" / 30.5cm, 13" / 33cm, 14" / 35.5cm, 15" / 38cm, 16" / 40.5cm, 17" / 43cm, 18" / 46cm


70mm, 71mm, 72mm, 73mm, 74mm, 75mm, 76mm, 77mm, 78mm, 79mm, 80mm, 81mm, 82mm, 83mm, 84mm, 85mm, 86mm, 87mm, 88mm, 89mm, 90mm, 91mm, 92mm, 93mm, 94mm, 95mm, 96mm, 97mm, 98mm, 99mm, 100mm, 101mm, 102mm, 103mm, 104mm, 105mm


  1. stacey.rob

    Received my tonfa from Chris in early 2018. Went for the oak with a square tapered profile. Very happy with my tonfa – they look great and feel very robust.

    Used his guide on measurements and the finished product fits well when gripped against my arm (I am taller than average and therefore have longer forearms, so appreciated the customisation).

    Chris is also a nice chap and has been very helpful when answering questions through Facebook messenger.

  2. Nadezhda

    Great quality Tonfa. I ordered mine in 2017 and Chris was always in communication with me to make sure the measurements where correct, the guide he provides is very helpful and accurate. My Tonfa is perfect fit and I am very happy I ordered my custom Oak Rectangular Tonfa. Recommended. Will order again!

  3. tonito1

    Simply beautiful. Received my Tonfa in time for my grading (at quite short notice!) and I couldn’t be happier, they immediately felt amazing in my hands, my technique is vastly improved thanks to the custom fit (measured using Chris’ guide and perfect), I love the chunkier feel and the finish compared to mass produced weapons and they are aesthetically very pleasing, I went for Walnut to match my nunchaku. I can’t praise Chris and his work enough. I seriously recommend his work, especially for Tonfa as the fit is so important

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