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Kama for Okinawan Kobudo, handmade in the UK.  Available in a variety of woods and with blades in either polished or black-oxide treated steel, and polished aluminium.

The materials are available as standard for handles: maple, oak & black walnut, more information is available on the Wood Choices page.

Kama are built to last: solid wood and steel joined using traditional ‘hammer & anvil’ peened 4 mm brass rivets and a solid brass ferrule.  Handles are finished with multiple coats of hand-rubbed natural tung oil.

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The Blade – Weight and Finish

There are three options for the kama blades:  either 3mm  or 4mm steel, which can be polished or given a protective black oxide coating; or a lightweight polished aluminium blade.

The 3mm blades are suitable for most people and provide a good balance of strength whilst still allowing for speed.  The 4mm steel blades are a true ‘weapon weight’ and are ideal for developing strength and an understanding of the true nature of kama.  Only recommended for experienced users who can accommodate the extra weight.

Aluminium metal, being less dense than steel, makes these blades are quite light in comparison.  These are an ideal weight for use as a practice pair learning the weapon, or perhaps if you just prefer to use a lighter option.

Approximate weight for the three blade options:

4mm Alu 90g
3mm Steel 200G
4mm Steel 275G

The black oxide provides a corrosion resistant black coating on the body of the blade. For untreated blades, an occasional wipe with a thin oil will help preserve the surface.  Aluminium is naturally resistant to rust, and so requires no coating.



The Blade – Shape

Kama - Aluminium & Walnut
walnut & aluminium

The Seaholme blade design has been developed based on existing martial arts kama, modified for safety. The sharp point seen on some blades is rounded off and the ‘cutting edge’ is left unsharpened.  A 1 cm bevel is ground for appearance only; these kama are for demonstration and will not be supplied sharp.

Metal Kama - Ash & Steel - Blade View
blade tip


Metal Kama – Aluminium Blade
blade edge

The Handle

Three materials are available for handles: white oak, hard maple & black walnut, more information is available on the Wood Choices page.

oak (top), walnut (middle), ash (bottom)

Design – The Handle

The handle is profiled with the classic ‘stadium’ shape.  Flat sides allow for control when changing hand position.  Rounded sides provide a comfortable fit in the hand.

The standard length 370 mm (measured butt end to top of ferrule) and width 32 mm x 26 mm.  This can be customised on request.

oak (top), walnut (centre), ash (bottom) handle profile detail


Kama are built to last: solid wood handles joined to a steel or aluminium blade, using traditional ‘hammer & anvil’ peened 4 mm diameter through-rivets and a 27 gram brass ferrule.  Handles are finished with multiple coats of hand-rubbed natural tung oil.



Each set of kama is supplied in a hand made bag, constructed from double-layer 100% cotton with extra padding around all metal parts to ensure the contents of your training bag are protected.

Each kama is held in its own pocket to ensure protection of the finish of both blade and handle.

Closing is simply achieved by folding the two kama together, then wrapping the flap around the blades, and securing in place with the cord.

Additional information

Weight 1500 g
Material: Handle

Maple, Oak, Walnut

Blade Finish

Polished Steel, Blackened Steel, Aluminium

Blade Thickness

3mm, 4mm


  1. Miriamjassam

    Perfectly designed with an extremely professional finish. These Kama brilliantly weighted, I would definitely recommend them!

  2. Tom

    This is a product of outstanding quality – the best I have seen.
    They are sturdy and extremely good looking.
    I am more than satisfied.

  3. Cedric

    Good product.
    These kama are handmade with a very nice finish. They are well balanced and strong. I’m very satisfied and I will practice with them for a long time.

  4. Scott

    I’ve had these kama for about a month now and I have to say that they’re awesome. Training with them is a pleasure. I love the quality, the look, and the weight (the weight is something that you have to get used to). They are as much a work of art as they are a weapon (demonstration only). Definitely worth the price.

  5. Martin

    I first bought my son a pair in Oak as a present. I was so impressed with the quality (and now a little jealous…) that I bought myself a pair in Walnut. Both have the blackened finish. The quality of the construction is outstanding – they will last a lifetime I am sure of that. Ours are of the heavier gauge steel and thus also condition the wrists, arms and shoulders – perfect for me and my son. If you are of a lighter build or have issue wrist strength wise, go for the thinner gauge if you are doing a lot of Kata work as you may find the weight an issue.

  6. antares7

    This is really the work of a martial artist, I mean these weapons are perfectly designed with an extremely professional finish. The man whose concept this is at the same time a very good hand worker and a passionate expert of kobudo. Give me the pleasure of manipulating as if a real weapon – definitely recommend them!
    From JC (France)

  7. Brendan

    I’ve been training with these Kama for the last year and they are easily the best pair I’ve ever owned. These are serious tools and true weapons, not the flimsy aluminum Kama shaped toys that I see all too often with others. Look no further if you want a fighting weight training tool that can handle heavy contact with a bokken or bo. From BOC (USA)

  8. Stefan

    These kama are extremely well made. I have been training with them for around two years and have now given away all my “mass produced” kama (and other weapons) that I had originally purchased when I first started training. Having weapons that are hand-made to my personal specifications (i.e., they fit me) has enabled me to focus on my training without the distraction of having to “fight” the weapon, which was a common and frustrating occurrence for me when using the cheaper mass produced weapons. These hand-made kama were certainly well worth the investment.

  9. 351GTXB

    These Kamas are fantastic – well made and guarenteed not to disappoint. Chris has done a great job with the walnut handles and blackened blades. Definately one up on the mass produced ones available online. Chris kept me up to date on their progress and refunded me the overpayment (yes i thought price was for one, not a pair) straight away with no hassles.

    Well worth the wait and is your looking for a great quality pair of Kamas,Chris and Seaholme are the way to go

    Alan – Western Australia (Down Under)

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