Tung Oil Wood Care Kit


Tung Oil Wood Care Kit

A wood care kit containing with a 100ml bottle of pure Tung Oil.  This is the oil used on all items in the workshop so is perfect for touching up wear and tear or replenishing the finish, which I recommend you should do annually on any equipment that sees regular use.

Also included is a sheet of 400 grit sandpaper for preparing the surface to be treated, and two cotton cloths; one for application of the oil and another for polishing the finish once it has fully cured.

The oil is packaged in a glass bottle with an aluminium cap to ensure all parts are recyclable.

Please note – I am unable to post this item to America.


A Note on Nut Allegies

As the source of tung oil is a nut, people with nut allergies have reported adverse reactions to contact with fresh (liquid) tung oil.  Once dry, tung oil is polymerised by reaction with air to a solid, unreactive flexible film, which is classed as food and skin contact safe.

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