Metal Kama

Kama with stainless steel or aluminium blades and solid wood handles. Brass ferrule and rivets secure the join.  Hand made in the UK, sold as a pair.

Material Choices – The Blade

Kama blades are available in either aluminium, stainless or heat-treated steel.

ash & untreated steel (left), oak & heat-treated steel (centre) walnut & aluminium (right)

Aluminium is almost three times lighter than steel (each blade is ~94 grams) and fully corrosion resistant, however as a softer metal it is more vulnerable to scratches. These blades are recommended if you would prefer lighter-weight equipment or for a beginner’s training.

(right) ash & untreated steel, (centre) oak & heat-treated steel, (left) walnut & aluminium.
walnut & aluminium (left), oak & heat-treated steel (centre), ash & untreated steel (right)

Steel is a denser material and therefore heavier (each steel blade is  ~265 grams).  The additional weight of steel gives a traditional heft to the weapon and assists in developing strength, however these kama are recommended only for the more experienced practitioner.

Steel may gradually oxidise if left in contact with moisture.  Heat treatment hardens the metal and provides a corrosion resistant black coating on the body of the blade. For untreated blades, an occasional wipe with a thin oil will help preserve the surface.

Material Choices – The Handle

oak (top), walnut (middle), ash (bottom)

Four materials are available for handles: white oak, ash, hard maple & black walnut, more information is available on the Wood Choices page.

Design – The Blade

Kama - Aluminium & Walnut
walnut & aluminium

The Seaholme blade design has been developed based on existing martial arts kama, modified for safety. The sharp point seen on some blades is rounded off and the ‘cutting edge’ is completely flat and unsharpened.  Both steel and aluminium are 4 mm thick.

Metal Kama - Ash & Steel - Blade View
blade tip

A 1 cm bevel is ground for appearance only; these kama are for demonstration and will not be supplied sharp.

Metal Kama – Aluminium Blade
blade edge

Design – The Handle

The handle is profiled with the classic ‘stadium’ shape.  Flat sides allow for control when changing hand position.  Rounded sides provide a comfortable fit in the hand.

The standard length 370 mm (measured butt end to top of ferrule) and width 32 mm x 26 mm.  This can be customised on request.

oak (top), walnut (centre), ash (bottom) handle profile detail


Kama are built to last: solid wood handles joined to a steel or aluminium blade, using traditional ‘hammer & anvil’ peened 4 mm diameter through-rivets and a 27 gram brass ferrule.  Handles are finished with multiple coats of hand-rubbed natural tung oil.

Click image to customise and order aluminium or steel kama.

Metal Kama. Heat-treated steel blade mounted in oak handle with tung oil finish. By Seaholme Carpentry.
Kama – Steel & Oak
Kama - Steel & Ash
Kama – Aluminium & Ash