Sansetsukon – Oak – Rope


Sansetsukon (Three Sectional Staff) available in Ash, Oak or Walnut.  Joined with paracord or chain.  30mm diameter with several set length available.


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Sansetsukon History

Unlike many Kobudo weapons which originated as tools, subsequently re-purposed as weapons; Sansetsukon were developed for the battlefield.  Their range and flexibility allowed for an attack to reach a mounted opponent or over a shield.  The basic ‘wood & rope’ model could have been modified with the addition of weights or chains to increase the mass and ability to cause injury or tangle up an enemy.


Wooden Section

Oak is the traditional choice for most kobudo weapons being strong and hard. Ash retains the hardness of oak but is a little lighter.  Maple is particularly hard with a smooth surface.  Walnut produces beautiful dark colours, but is the lightest of the materials.  More detail is available on the Wood Choices page.

Comparison of Oak (top) and beech (bottom)
Comparison of oak (bottom) and beech (top)

Section Length

Sansetsukon are made of three sections of equal length, joined with string.  If the total length is to great, underarm catches may be difficult or you may strike the floor when spinning.

Three standard lengths are available, and the below table may help in choosing as a guide to finding the best length for you. This is based only on my own thoughts, so feel free to request whatever length you feel appropriate for you.

Description Your Height Section (inch)
Small Under 5’5 24
Medium 5’6 to 6’0 26
Large 6’1 or over 28

Please take advice from your instructor if you are unsure on this matter.

Join Paracord or Chain

The sections are triple strung joined with ‘seven-core’ paracord.  This is extremely strong (rated to 550 lbs), so the combination of three strands makes this almost unbreakable for this use.  Alternatively a chain join can be produced, this is non-swivel joint which I feel is more reliable and so less likely to break.

Triple strung sansetsukon showing the Seaholme mark.
Triple strung sansetsukon showing the Seaholme mark.

As with all Seaholme Kobudo Equipment, the wood is finished with multiple coats of hand-rubbed pure tung oil.

End Beech with purple paracord
Oak sansetsukon with purple paracord

Additional information




Paracord, Woven Hemp


Large, Medium, Small


  1. rachael_56

    I ordered one of these last year, custom length due to my height, was the first to purchase and receive this sansetsukon in Australia, I am very glad that I did so. Chris gave me updates on it’s progress, I am impressed by his professionalism and craftsmanship. He didn’t rush creating it.
    It’s well made, solid, strings are very strong and has done well ever since I got it, while at a seminar a lot of fellow instructors and students from other dojo’s were interested and impressed. I am glad that I came about this site, Thank you again Chris. 🙂

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