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Plywood Peg Board


For a while now I’ve had another online store (Etsy) where I sell a few home-wares I have designed… by which I mean, whenever my girlfriend asks me to make something for the house, and it stands up to daily use I put it on there.

This design has proved pretty popular so I thought I’d add it to  my main site (this one) to see if martial artists also have coats and dog leads they need to hang up?

This is a simple peg board designed for coats, hats scarves, dog leads and oven gloves.  This version is made from high grade birch ply and oak pegs.

P.S. Selling through Seaholme.net means I don’t have to pay Etsy’s ridiculous fees, so I can pass the savings on to you.

If you’re interested the shop is here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/seaholmecarpentry


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1 Peg / 10 cm, 2 Pegs / 20 cm, 3 Pegs / 30 cm, 4 Pegs / 40 cm, 5 Pegs / 50 cm, 6 Pegs / 60 cm, 7 Pegs / 70 cm, 8 Pegs / 80 cm, 9 Pegs / 90 cm, 10 Pegs / 100 cm, 11 Pegs / 110 cm, 12 Pegs / 120 cm, 13 Pegs / 130 cm, 14 Pegs / 140 cm, 15 Pegs / 150 cm


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